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Welcome to Baker & Co Accountants


Welcome to Baker & Co - we are friendly, helpful and pro-active accountants who enable small and medium sized business owners to achieve their goals. We do this by making accounting simple not complicated and working with you to help you understand your numbers and what they mean.

We're big fans of the newer on-line accounting systems such as Xero and Freeagent and we're happy to help you set these systems up.  They are easy to understand and even easier to use but what we get are records that are complete and well documented so it makes our life easier too.  That's why we are prepared to invest our time up front to help you understand these systems and understand your numbers. But whether you use a spreadsheet, Sage or one of the more modern tools we're here to help!

We're happy to work with all kinds of businesses but we have specialist skills to help software, Intellectual Property based and High Growth potential businesses. We can offer more than just accountancy support to these types of clients - check out our special services pages to find out more.